Home is Where the Heart is

Home is where the heart is, or so it’s oft told
Home is where the beaches glitter like black gold
Home is filled with music and color and life
Where pride in one’s country and fellowman runs rife

No nation is perfect, so neither is home
Our lands and our streams do not abound with gold
What we have are rich culture, dignity, and honor
Sweet music and dance and vibrant colors

Our souls are filled with the nature of our ancestors
The fierceness of the Carib Indians instilled fear into our oppressors
And so it’s oft told of the resilience of the Africans
Let’s not forget the sweet nature of the Arawak Indians

Through adversity and uncertainty, we hold our heads high
All the while dancing and singing “This Island is Mine”
It’s earned, it’s deserved,because our sweet culture of laughter and fete
Has been forged in fire and pain and sweat

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